26 too old to go to college?

Question:Hello guys, I’m a bit worried because I am just turned 26 on May 08 and I enrolled for 2008 at Valencia Community College in Orlando Fl, and then I plan to go to UCF and get my Bachelor in Computer Engineering with a Software Engineering Concentration. In the last few years I’ve been working at dead end jobs and I felt stuck. Well, now I am 26 and wanting to go to school bad but I feel like I’m too old. Should I feel this way. I also want to do a Minor in Business so I can have two points of views of what the client needs, technical and business wise. But is this pushing it? This has always been my problem wanting to do so much but then I don’t know where to start, like I get choked up. Sure thing is that I want to go to school but feel….”old.” Being 26 and starting college is not all that bad. Like if I was like 18 I would probably flunk out because of all the parties, plus if your older you get more financial aid too because they (the government) looks at you as independent…right?

You should definitely not feel too old at all, that's part of the thing wrong with society today that with the increase in age the less motivated or weary of entering into activities/situations that are typically undertaken by "younger" individuals. By being 26 you have an advantage over the younger kids and that is you have life experience and know what your responsibilities and priorities are in life whereas the younger kids will get lost in the party seen ultimately affecting there grades and future life. So be proud of yourself that you are going back to school to further advance your future life and career, there is nothing to be ashamed of let alone embarrassed about. Congratulations with your achievements and I wish you the best! Good luck!
NEVER TOO OLD.. go for it!
Good Luck
no not too old
You are NEVER too old to go to college. I am 32 and if I had the money, I would love to finish my degree.

I think it's great that you want to go back.
put it this way...you're 26 now and you can be 30 with a degree OR 30 without one...

either way, you gotta turn 30...
My wife and I are 28 and just finished our first quarter at college. You're never too old. You may think you are, but once you get there you'll realize you're not anywhere near the oldest one there anyway.

You'll manage.
you are never too old to go to college an try to improve yourself.
You're never too old! I just went back at 34 to finish my degree. I think I'm setting a great example for my two sons. You are never too old for education. One should never stop educating themself! Go for it!
I'm 25 and at a community college. I'm planning on transferring to a 4 year university next fall. You're never too old to do anything you want to do. If you want to make a better life for yourself, you have to work at it. 26 is pretty young, so chase your dreams...you only live once, why not make it as good as possible.
It is never too late- a friend of mine is turning 26 this month and will be going to chiropractic school this fall. Go for it, and good luck!
You are NOT too old! You are at the perfect age - you will soak up all the information and really learn instead of thinking about the next party. Your professors will love to have a student like you that is actually paying attention to them. You are likely to get more financial aid because you are showing significant motivation. Don't spend one more second worrying about being too old!!
No one's too old for college. I'm currently working with people as old as their late 50's who are just now starting college. You may find yourself in class with people younger than you, but that's not really an issue. You've got one thing most students at 18 don't have: experience. Use that to your advantage and stay focused on what you want to accomplish, and you'll always be happy you decided to enroll.

You might also check with the school to which you're applying to see if they have support for "non-traditional" students. It's sometimes support that's available for people who are trying to adjust to school at a later age.

Good luck!
no you shouldnt i am glad to admit this i was 22 when i restatred class it took my ten years but now i have my assoicets and very happy and still going to get my bachelor you are never to old for school dont let anybody say you all just like the nike slogan just do it :O )
I am 25 and going to start back to school full time in January. It is definitely never too late to go after a dream. At 26 you now have more life experience and should be able to focus more directly on your school than the booze and girls that are running around campus. Good luck with your degrees!
YOU ARE VERY YOUNG!, Hello, here in my country people enter college at 16 thru 19, but it depends, i live here in Mexico and my father was a doctor now he is retired, and worked for an institution of the government, so we moved a lot a round Mexico, i lived in many places of Mexico, the thing is that i finish my career as engineer at 30, i enter school at 24, about 9 year ago, i didn't marry but for other reasons, i think you are too young and have a lot to do in life, enter university, study something and be succesful, you never to old to learn.
try this. how old will you be in 4 years if you do not go to school? my daughter inlaw just went back to school for 2 more years and she has a 1 year old and one one the way and she works 20 to 24 hours a week. my son now works two jobs so they can get her degree.
As long as you know what you want you are NEVER too old to go back to college but you have to think of the expenses involved in going back to college ie. paying for college. Are you going to be able to work. Just remember going back to colleges takes up a lot of time to study..My mother in law in her late early 40's just graduated from college in Dec and there are many more people "her age" that graduated with her. Do you think you are too old to go college??
Good Luck
Never too old to go to College
your not to old... kind of young actually
some people go to college when there 35 or some go when there 50+ so don't worry about it
hopes this helps and by the way never to old to learn =)
I say the the older you are the better you do in college. You are wiser about going to parties and doing homework. You are not the oldest in fact just recently a 94 year old just graduated from a university and she welcome with open arms.You are still very young.
Look at this perspestive, 4 years from now your going to turn 30, you can be 30 with a degree, or 30 without, which one would you prefer!
Your never too old to go to college. Plus you've had a longer time to mature and make sure thats what you want to do with your life.

Plus my aunt was around 36 when she went back to college about 5 years ago. She said it was much easier the second time around.
Hey there,
It sounds like you already know your answer, but want some reassurance. So, NO, you are most definitely not too old to go to college. You will get so much more out of it now because you have some idea of what you want to do. You may want to contact the school you are going to and ask them for a demographic breakdown. Generally, community colleges have a wider range of students so you will not be surrounded by a bunch of 18 year olds.

It is never too late to get an education!! Just curious why you are waiting another year to pursue your dreams.

Good luck!

hi, starting late doesn't mean that you can't finish early or you won't be great. The nobel laurate Madam Curie didn't start college until 24, but she's one of the greatest physicists ever. True, you are 26 now, but you are more mature than those drunk teenagers who have no idea what they are really looking for at college. I have classmates who go to grad schools in their 30s and 50s. They receive respects and are leading a fulfilling life.
26 IS NOT TOO OLD! I know heaps of Uni student who are WAY older! If you have ever been to one of the Graduation Ceremonies you see people of all ages graduating, so I say go for it!
Whats up Richard?? Check this out. your not to old to go to school. I have a friend that went when he was 33 and I asked him the same thing. He said that there were people there older then him. I say you must go for it because you have nothing to loose. Maybe you'll find something that you really like and can enjoy. So I say you better start packing your bags because your plane to Florida is about ready to take off.
I went back to college last summer, thinking the same way...it was the best college experience I have ever had! I was 29. I was way more experienced in everything and it helped...including in connecting with the professors when I really needed help with something. As far as financial aid benefits, it depends on your financial situation as a whole, not your age. Good luck and have fun!

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