1st year pre-med courses?

Question:well i was just curious really im an 8th grade right now going to 9th and i was just thinking what courses do most pre-med students take in their 1st year? and what major should one take if someone wants to have a better background for medical school?

thanks in advance

Pre-med is a set of courses you take, not a major, so you can major in anything.

General first year course suggestions are General Chemistry (2 semesters, with labs), Physics (2 semesters, with labs), Math (to the beginning Calculus level), and college level Biology (2 semesters, with labs). Although there's no rule you have to take them in the first year, especially as you'll need to work on other general core requirements such as history, social sciences, etc. But it's best to finish Gen Chem at least, as you'll need to later take a full year of Organic Chem, which requires completion of Gen Chem and Organic Chem is a tough subject!

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