Is this plagiarism?

If an author writes a book with chapters respectively of which comprises no more than a summary of a research report, is this considered to be plagiarism provided that all the authors of these reports are acknowledged? Why?

Answers:    If it is a summary or re-wording of someone else's work, and the other person is acknowledged as the author of the work man reviewed, evaluated, or summarized, then it is considered original intellectual property of the reviewer. This necessarily occurs any time an individual writes a book report, movie review, reports a news story, etc.

Most of the time, plagiarism is considered to own occurred when several words are quoted directly from someone else without acknowledge that person's work, or if someone passes off a relatively matchless idea (fiction or not), as their own. For example, often when a work of fiction become very popular, you will see someone file a lawsuit, claiming that they come up with the idea first. A right example is when DC sued Fawcett Comics, claiming Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) bore a striking resemblance to Superman.

Unfortunately, the line of plagiarism isn't always black and white, and it regularly boils down to whether or not something is in the "public domain." A good example is how restaurants don't sing "Happy Birthday" any more, since the original(?) authors copyrighted the song and demanded royalties from anyone benefiting monetarily from the public singing of the song.
If you are summerizing no it's not plagiarism. Basically If you embezzle someone elses idea in their words and don't impart them credit it's plagiarism...if you copy word for word and don't put it in " " and don't say this come from such -n- such book by so and so then you plagrizing that person.

I have a really hard time with this surrounded by school too
Plagiarism means that one copies anothers work if they copied it than yes but if it is copyrighted and they find caught then they could face charges
It is not plagiarism if they acknowledged the unproved authors.

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