A child's development is affected most by the?

Question:A. financial status of the child's family
B. social status of the child's family
C. type of preschool the child attends
D. quality of parenting and care the child receives from adults

D. is the only one, (unless they are so poor that they are getting poor nutrition or poor childcare-then A. will play a part)
but they are born with their own capability in learning these things and how quickly they will learn and develop. Many children can get the exact same quality of parenting but if the child does not have the capability to learn it-they wont. They all learn at different ages and are born with that! along with their own little personality!
All of the above.
a. The financial status of the family lends itself to the other answers, if the child's family is poor then they cannot afford good care, nor can they afford to stay at home, therefore they are forced to pay for substandard care. However on the other end of the spectrum the wealthy sometimes choose to only have care for the child and not parental care, which also effects development.
b. Social status is the same as above, your social status is greatly effected by your wealth, again little wealth little opportunity.
c. Preschools come in all shapes and sizes and some although they make a great picture are really high level babysitting, others are child boot camps, others are great and give the kids learning opportunities while playing. The "type per say is not the deciding factor it's the quality of the childcare (and great childcare/preschools can be found in any setting from home care to public preschools)
d. Of course the parenting styles and care received from adults affects the child! If the child gets everything they want they begin to expect that, if they get ignored they expect that.

I can't say any one of these will affect a child's development more than another. You have 2 categories of answers, family situation and actual care situation. Both affect the child greatly, and also affect each other.
From what I've witnessed, D.
D, absolutely. This answer encompasses the other answers.
quality of parenting and care the child recieves from adults
This is a no brainer- D of course.

Are you really having that much trouble with this daycare test you are studying for?
D. Parenting and care
D. Why all the polls?
Parents are their children's first teachers, and as such, have a moral obligation to provide them with the unconditional love and support they will need as they go out into the world.
If a child feels secure and loved, then they will take risks without being afraid.
We certainly learn from experience, and I don't know of a perfect parent, but I believe through pray and life lessons, we teach our children. We ought to lead by example, give our children their wings when it is time, and let them fly. with the security that there is always a path that leads to home.
Financial and social status well, I don't have either, but my child is rich in love. and always makes friends both young and old whenever he goes.
He attend a public school, where is is further nurtured by all of the adults in the building, and he is happy to go to school everyday.
I suppose we all have our own take on the matter, but I firmly believe that you rear the child in the direction you want him to go.
I think we should teach our children respect, humility, and love.
These are within us, and this defines the development of a child.
again, the answer is .........

E. Quality of infant/PARENT interaction in the first year of life.
Talking WITH (not at), playing, exposing your child to the world will teach more than any school can.

A: not really. poor doesn't mean dumb
B. not really. my grandma taught me your status is based on how you carry yourself. your dress, your language, manners
C: Hey, alot of kids do well never attending preschool. But then, some kids who spend long hours since infancy in day care centers tend to be aggressive in preschool and older.
D: some parents are crap. and yet one of their kids winds up succeeding in life and going to Harvard.

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