Admission criteria for 1st grade school in Torrance unified district in California?

Question:I am looking for the admission for my kid in 1st grade from sep – 2007 in Torrance unified district in California
. The kid is born on 23rd dec 2001 and is 5.5 years old. My questions are –

a) – what is the cutoff date for the age to enter 1st grade this year in public school ? I heard it is first week of dec and by that criteria kid may not be eligible to get into the school this year.

b )– Is there any option to get into public school if the cut off date criteria is not met.
C ) – Are there any other options/criterias to get into the 1st grade ?

I welcome responses and thanks in advance

Check out their website for the information you are seeking If you can't get your child into the first grade he/she should be able to attend their pre-school programs.

Good Luck!

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