After 3 attempts passed 10th, what to do next?

Pass 11th! And hopefully, not in three tries! If you're having difficulty with the subject matter or studying that is holding you back, hire a tutor.
Pass 11th?
Well done,,,,,

Now 11th.... but not in 3 or 4 attempts.. just in once.
do commerce without maths and do hotel managemant
do some business-- honestly speaking...
Get a teenager pregnant. Buy a mobile home. Become an alcoholic.
join the police force or work at mickey d's
take up arts and do some handicraft work like paintang mucical instruments
go for your 10+2 (vocational). Choose subject of your choice.
go in for a vocational course in 11th and 12th... its really best for u
Take 3yrs break u r tired.
there r two things either u r not compatible with academics or u r
not concentrating hard enough..I wont tell u to study for 12 hrs or so.but study that much which is reqd....get some physical exercise if u dont have it....I feel u r old enough to know urself if u feel that u r pressurized too much then talk to ur parents and solve ur problem..try to know ur interests bcoz the problem in our country is that it wont recognize any1 without a degree so think abt it and try talking to ur parents..its ur future which is at stake
do some diploma
Its cheap, best & easy option for computer science (IT) education

JSS International Institute of Professional Studies, JSS Technical Institutions campus, Mysore, India offers National Diploma (Computing) for 10th pass or equivalent and Higher national Diploma (Computing) for 12th pass or equivalent. These courses are certified by Edexcel, International, one of the main examination board of UK. After HND students can directly join for final year degree course in computer science in UK, US , Australia or Singapore. Course duration ND 2 Years and HND 2 years. Method of assessment based on assignment, class test and projects.
for details visit call 918212410255

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