"popular"kids surrounded by my order..?

hello well im in 8th grade and im not really popularbut im not a loser..or within the loserish group and i have a lot of friends..im jst wondering that most of the guys in my status all like and bitchy girls and there adjectives dating..jw will this change when we go to high academy? i know that a feew kids are going to private schools
its jst annoying and i mean if this continues on..will i ever get a bf?
you'll get a boyfriend dont worry. he just wont be the 'star' boy within your grade, since those type only really go for the 'snotty, merely look at me, im perfect' type. im in the 'zone' you are and ive had 3 boyfriends, and im in 9th title this year.
Popular girls. Hmm. Don't you mean dumb and reading impair barbies?
Right now, when you're still young enough to enroll within school, you have to worry around your grades. Those are the keys to your future, whether it be cold with a adjectives fog or sunny and warm.
But, then again, you're taking 'popularity' (eew) advice from a nerd/social outcast/extremely unusual weirdo.
Be yourself and you'll find a suitable guy soon.
Well subsequent year you can meet new guys and maybe they will fluctuate. But don't metamorphosize into something you're not just to impress guys and become popular. Once you get to like 9th-10th position and beyond, no one really cares about popularity any more, in that are just a bunch of groups of friends and you can bounce back and forth.

It's good that you hold lots of friends, it will make the transition to high school easier subsequent year. Good luck in 8th grade!
They proably will or won't.

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