A quote that King Tut said?

Answers:    There were no reporters or secretaries taking dictation put money on in The 19Th dynasty during the 14th century BCE. However, from inscriptions, stele, seal, etc. from his reign, we know he a) changed the last quantity of his name from "aten" to "amen", moved the capitol of Egypt hindmost to Memphis, and restored the powers of the priesthood. All this was contained by response to the fact that his father-in-law, the previous Pharoh, Ankhenaten, have tried to enforce a new religion upon Egypt, a religion essentially monotheistic, with a unknown capitol especially constructed at Amarna. So, officially, he "said" such proclimations. Tut also, critically, issued a decree that the the Egyptians would stir to Syria to assist Egypt's old ally, the Mitannian empire. He died during the time of this campaign, but not contained by battle. It's be suggested that he was murdered by his Prime Minister Ay (who become Pharaoh after him); in which casing, his final quote may have be, "Ay-yi-yi!!". His reign wasn't particularly significant other than the facts that a) he restored the worship of the elderly Gods and b) his tomb was one of the first royal tombs of ancient Egypt to be discovered untouched by grave robbers.

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