"How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down, Before He Is Called A Man?" (Analyze This Quote)?

Question:Plz Tell Me What You This Quote Means

A learning process
42?? i think i read that somewhere.
It's asking , How many things does a man have to experience before he can truly be thought of as a man, or seasoned?
There are many roads we walk down before we reach the main highway of maturity. The road of love. The road of sorrow. The road of joy. Etc. When we reach the main highway, we become fully mature by the learning process and then are called "men".
To me, I think this quote is questioning, what does a man need to do to be one.

For example:
How much experience he is with things.
How much knowledge he has.

It's simple.
i can see it many ways...
- how many different things must a man experience before he has seen it all?
- a man is wise after he has walked down many paths

i had better ones , but i forget them lol.
The Roads symbolize the many trials and tribulations a person faces in life. So I would say:

How much does a person have to go through (all the while becoming stronger) in order to truly be considered "a man" as apposed to just a boy.
It's a man reflecting upon his life in a hard time wondering how much more troubles he must survive to truly be strong and successful and "a man"
Do you really want the answer?

One cannot see the Forrest for the trees

But this was the 1960's: Vietnam, Civil Rights, The KKK,
Poverty, etc.

As with Iraq: 3,500 killed but wait it will go to 4,000 then where?

The "answer my friend is blowing in the wind": vote Republican and well: we all may be doing such again.

Nixon killed over 25,000 "ending" that war in Vietnam, give Bush and another one a chance: well it is not my call.

The answer is blowing in the wind: the question is in this song, "quote" when? when will we learn.

Bob Dylan is singing, well screaming about what is going on, rather what is not happening.

If not now, when, if not me, then who acres/

It was the way things were:
It's a rhetorical question without a specific answer.

It basically means, how much $hit does a guy have to go through before he can be considered experienced enough to be a man.

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