"Every day above ground is a good day" explain quote?

Every day you're alive (not buried 6-feet underground) is a good day.
If you're alive, you're having a good day...
well if ur below the ground, then that means that ur in a coffin, so ur dead. above ground u are living which is a good thing, u want to be alive, excpet if ur suicidal or something.
hope that explains it.
Come on Adam, are you one of those stereotypical teenage alzheimers patients? It means tha every day that you are alive (above ground) and not below ground (dead and buried) is a good day.
If you're above ground, then you're alive - ie, you're not dead and in your grave. So every day you're alive is a good day, because even a crappy day beats being dead.
perhaps it means no matter how bad things are, they could always be worse, as in if you were dead. This quote could mean every day that you're alive should be a good day.
i guess it means: every day you are alive, not under ground in the dark. :(
It means you are living and not dead yet..So do something good with your life while you have the chance to.
Do you honestly need to have this one explained?

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