Are/were you dyslexic?

Question:What were the exact things that you did wrong/different?

No, but I met this guy who claimed to be dyslexic, but he wasn't really.
Yes Im dyslexic and I have two daughters who are dyslexic. What are some of the signs of dyslexia?? Not all dyslexics turn letters around like in SAW-WAS I don't do that so much as I'll leave letter out of words or write like this -thsi or I'll add letters to words that don't need them. My youngest daugther also does these things. The thing that she does the most is add e's to everything because she knows that e is the most used letter in the english alfabet. We also have a difflicult time spellling word using phonics. For some reason it doen'st click in our heads the way that if does for other's. Dyslexia is a condition where the brain doesn't process writtten information the way that most people do. So things that are written down are harder for us to understand than most other people. It's called a non-verbal Learning disablity. It can be accompined by other disablites, My daughter also has small motor issues it's difficult for her to hold and write with a pen or pencil so she' usually uses a computer or at school a word processor. She also has processing issues that are seperate from her dyslexia, She finds it difficult to talk to two people at one time, If she's on the computer and you ask her a question that's not related to what she's doing it confuses her and fustrates her. She can't mult-task with out getting confused and unsure of herself. Mainly though dyslexia is an inability to comprehend the written word.
Yea, I'm dyslexic. I still confuse 12 with 21, and I need extra time on tests and I need more time when learning math. That's pretty much it. I have a less severe case of it.
yes I am dyslexic. It affects my spelling and comperhension. I can read at normal speed as someone for my age but cannot tell you what I have actually read afterwards. Also have problems with memory and organisation of work and life. It can also affect the way you see words

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