Any comment and suggestion on using bay area ABA agency "I can too"?

Question:My family lives in bay area, CA. Our 19 month son has autism and we are in contact with an ABA training agency called "I can too" and they will provide us a home based ABA training program on my son. Before we sign up the contract with them, which will cost a lot, we would like to listen to other parent's opinion on the quality of the service "I can too" had provided to their cases if they used "I can too" as their ABA training provider. If you have experience with the ABA program of "I can too" please let us know your comments and suggestions. Or if you can recommend a better agent please let us know. Thanks.

I don't know aboutthe "I can too" program, but I do have a Master's Degree in Behavior Analysis. I would recommend checking to see if the therapists are BCBA certified.

Also the ABA website has ways to contact members of the Behavior Analysis community to ask questions.

Best of luck to you and your son.

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