Are there online groups for autism?

Question:Hi. I have just begun to get on the computer and someone mentioned me trying to find an online group for a young man with autism. Would appreciate and links or any information. Thanks!

If this young man has Aspergers' Syndrome (or otherwise, is generally high-functioning), then try AspieVillage (

AspieVillage was created by, and is ran by, people with Aspergers' Syndrome, as opposed to all of the other 'support' websites, ran by 'professionals'.

The website covers several areas, such as communication with 'normal people ('NT's)', dealing with social issues, as well as intellectual puzzles and debates
I don't think so but I do know that there are conventions for Autism. That would I believe be your best bet. I have high functioning autism.
Here are a couple of suggestions. Hope these help.
I am sure that there are...

Check Cure Austism Now...and also do a quick search...especially with your STATE...and you will find plenty of sites that meet your needs. Just be's a big world out there - in regards to Autism...a specialists is always the way to go.
There are very few groups of support FOR people with autism, mostly they are people raising children with autism, and I know that there is one for spouses of people with autism. This website might have a group, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom for support groups
Try the message boards at
There are support groups online covering all the aspects of autism. There are groups for teachers, parents, therapists, and families of people with autism. There are also support groups for people with autism so that they can talk about their experiences.

Go to yahoo groups and type in autism and your state see what happens.

Also try google... i love me some google.
Yes there several yahoo group specific for autism
Do a yahoo group seach and you will find some

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