Are nearby any courses I can do in a minute so that I can pursue a art within medium?

I am in second year college doing english hons. I really want to
pursue media as a career. Are within any courses I can do now?
I heard sikkim manipal offers best distance research courses in media and advertising . Source(s):
CA is a career is a very demanding and intellectually challenging. If you feel you can prepare sincerely and work hard even during your article ship, as it at times would involve traveling too, even after completion of your degree, it would involve working long hours too. Consider your skills while taking up a profession and not only your masculinity. Learning an accounting package will definitely be an added advantage, as most of the companies use accounting packages. All the Best, Growth Center Team Source(s):
Since aptitude and practical training is really all that matters surrounded by media a diploma course will hold you in good stead and is as qualify as a proper degree. Try to choose diploma courses which provide good all round training.
I've hear of the diploma in applied journalism offered by school of convergence as well as it seem to have a really well structured course which trains you in adjectives kinds of media fields close to online journalism, tv, print, radio etc They also have famous international journalists on the faculty which is an added plus since they hold d experience & d contacts.. On the other hand it is a new course so its not as well particular as some others.
Manipal is an old name and you can try that as well. However distance erudition isnt the same as classroom education but that's just my evaluation :) Source(s):

You can find training and training institutes information at

or you can search the courses surrounded by training search engine Source(s):
Ive hear of a new diploma course in journalism being offered by School of Convergence. Its weekends solitary classes and the faculty is supposed to be really good. Here’s their website link if you are interested: Source(s):
MBA(media management) would be a great choice to you, if you quality that you want to do so.

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