Aplying for an internship at a newspaper, need resume help.?

Question:Im a graphic design student, so Im looking to do minor Ad layout and just other intern stuff. What should I put under qualifications in my resume?

Find out what programs they use, ie Quark, In-Design, PhotoShop, etc. and list what you know. Make sure you indicate that you have a willingness to learn any other software. Also, indicate that you are deadline oriented.You can be the most creative, brilliant artist on earth, but if you can't do it by press time, you'll be the most creative, brilliant unemployed artist on earth.I worked as an ad designer for 12 years and, really, attitude and work ethic is more important than anything; the rest can be learned. Good luck! Hope you kick butt!
State what you are studying for and what you have covered so far. In the date section just put 20xx - present and mention in your cover letter that you are a x year student and have x years remaining of study.

Also mention any lower school qualification you have gained.

As you are a graphic design student - it might be an idea to make your CV individual and not look like a bob standard template. Show them your skills using your CV.

You skills (i.e. software packages) should probably be under a different heading, but make it clear that you are willing to learn new things (assuming you are!) as that should go in your favour.

Good luck with your application!

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