BRADFORD or LEICESTER in all aspects like living,racism,study,etc??

Question:i have recently got an offer from bradford as well as leicester for MSc finance.Bt i am undecided where to go.Smebdy told me that bradford is nt a good place for indians because there is lot of racism as it is dominated by only pakistanis.Bt leicester is not itself a good university for this course since there are hardly any classes held.I am cofused between the two.Being a permanent resident of canada i want to wrk dere after my does the university name really matter there?? i dont wanna regret after reaching there.experts plzz help me.i also have an offer from kingston university,london.

Academic things first. Bradford Management Centre has a very high reputation for its finance work and the MSc is well regarded. The other two are equal and maybe fall a little behind but not seriously. Leicester has a longer history in higher level financial study but Kingston is one of the best new universities that changed their status in 1992.

Any one of these MSc degrees will be acceptable in North America.

As regards locations, Kingston is close to London and therefore nearer the centre of media, politics, entertainment, finance etc. But it is a very expensive place to live and you should allow at least £1000 a month to be comfortable in decent accommodation, eating properly, dressing for the climate, reading books and so on. Kingston is predominantly an English community, with perhaps only 5 or 6 per cent of the local polulation from Asian, African or Caribbean origins. I have not heard of a single incidnet of racial abuse or unrest in Kingston. Almost every nationality in the world seems to be present in the city.

Leicester is a cheaper place to live than Kingston and there is a sizeable Indian (Hindu) population there, along with Muslims, Jewish, central European and others. There have been occasional incidents of racial unrest but not recently and not of a major nature. Much less than you would see in Punjab, Rajastan, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu or Paris!!

Bradford has a large Muslim population: perhaps nearly 20 per cent from observation as you walk through the city. But the Indian (Hindu) community is very successful and is not suppressed in any way. One of the best Indian restaurants in UK is in Bradford, close to the university and the railway station. There has been heavily-publicised racial unrest in Bradford and it relates to unemployment and some cultural features of the non-integrated Muslim population - in my opinion and that is not something I would insist is correct ! Bradford is a very much cheaper place to live and work than Kingston. Maybe one-third cheaper per month but it is a long way from the capital and Yorkshire is a county/region with a slightly insular attitude towards the rest of the world. The exception is the city of Leeds (next door to Bradford) which is a major international city and shows itself very well.

If you can afford it, you could consider Kingston. If you want a more established university with an international reputation, then Bradford is a goodie. Leicester does not fall behind Kingston and is more affordable, and is more diverse ethnically. I like Bradford the city: it's full of life and curiosity; interesting history and events. Leicester is a serious busy commercial centre in the middle of England and is a sort of regional capital for the East Midlands. Kingston is part of London and doesn't know whether that's good thing or not; it's a nice genteel place, on the River Thames and with lots of Royal connections.

It's a bit of "six of one and half-a-dozen of the other". Sorry.
I would advise you to go to London, although it's a s.hite hole, and not really a part of England anymore, it is better than the other 2 hell holes
Both Bradford and Leicester have very diverse, multi racial societies and as such you are less likely to experience racial intolerance than in some 'whiter' areas of the country - there are however idiots (minority) in all parts of the UK.

Personally I would go for Kingston as is a very cool place with a lot of nightlife etc and you are near London which as a student can only be a good thing :)
Bloody hell if i was Canadian i wouldn' t go to any of them. It's true about Bradford being racist. I expect that applies where ever you go. Good Luck.

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