Are there any free universities in USA which accepts a certain percentage of foreign students?

There are no free universities in the US. What you want is a university that has a good financial aid program and needs students to build campus diversity.

Some universities would love to have you just because you're foreign! These universities are the ones that don't get many international applicants, and they're usually smaller schools located outside of cities. Their prices might look higher than the big schools, but dont' let that fool you! Smaller schools often give more financial aid per student than the big schools. At my college, not one single person paid the full tuition, and most of the students were given so much financial aid that the price was cut in half. My financial aid was 75% of full tuition, so I only owed 25% of what they were charging. Had I been a minority, I would have owed even less. If you are a foreign student who isn't white, you'd owe even less than the American minority students!

Big schools (especially state schools) have tons of international students applying. The international students who get in have to pay more than most of the American students because they dont' qualify for in-state discounts or US government aid.
i don't think I've ever heard of a free university. That's an oxymoron.
There are no free universities in the US...but you can apply for a scholarship at one maybe...
no free universities in USA. some state schools don't charge too much.
as a foreign student, you will always have to pay "foreign student fees" which are much higher than local and even out of state fees.
Free Universities??
there isn't going to be a free might try getting grants but I don't really know how those work for exchange students.

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