Good day for all, my name is antonio (Brazil) E Would like to know which the vision that you have of Brazil?

Question:they answer without shortening, therefore I have that to translate.

A stunningly beautiful country with a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes, active social scene, a spectrum of social classes from the profoundly poor to the incredibly wealthy.
The national emergency number doesn't work (the employees do not pick up the calls) and recently I read a court tossed a case out because of a confession written by a medium, coming from the grave. Brazil could be a world power. Unfortunately, most are dirt poor and uneducated.
Beautiful tan brown people with dazzling smiles and fantastic food, gorgeous beaches, strange and exotic fruits, severe poverty, soccer, fabulous music, bright colors, loud music, political corruption, great art, compassion and love.

I want to go there on vacation!
I live in the UK and we can't see Brazil from here.
1)A country where people live above the trees and eat sugar cane with anacondas.

2) The smallest spanish-speaking island of the American continent.

3) Brazil: land of contrasts
A big country with good looking people everywhere.
Nice beaches with hot men and women tanning.

Its a good vision from here. I love you all.

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