What does the backwards peace sign mean?

Question:soemone told me it meant stick it and one said that it is just like the middel finger

If your talking about the "V" for victory using two fingers, it does have meaning, depending on which way your palm faces. Palm outwards facing someone else means Peace, palm facing you while back of your hand faces the other person basically mean "F@K U, i've got mine".

This symbol was derived during the middle ages when england was at war with France. Bowmen, or Long Bowmen (aka, archers) use two fingers to draw back their bow string and were the deadliest unit of their time. They were considered a prime targets by the emeny and, when captured, their drawstring fingers would be removed. Whenever an archer survived capture, and march through a couquered city, they would hold their drawstring hand up, back of hand facing outward, with their two drawstring fingers extended upward. This was their way of telling the enemt F U! I've still got mine!"

Hope this helps. Cheers!
As in two fingers? You really should be more specific.

If it is, then it means NOTHING, just peace or the number two. Whoever told you those other things is whack. I've never heard anything like it.
Depends on where you are really. In some countries making a V with your first and second finger and having your thumb showing between the two is offensive. I also think that holding your hands up in the V sign with your fingers out (backwards) is a way to say the F word, kind of like flipping the bird.
isnt it in austraila, that means F*CK YOU?
It's European English for the middle finger.
Sorry someone did it to you! :)
Check this out one of our Presidents got caught doing it!
I just love krodgibami's answer. Great info.

I might just introduce a bit of levity here by saying that with the palm facing outward, it could also be an ancient Roman ordering 5 beers...

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