Grammar/Spelling Question?

Well, my brain must be fried, cuz I forgot how you are supposed to use the word "commando" in plural form.

Here is the example. Should it be;

There are two hours until the first landings of commandos.


There are two hours until the first landing of commandoes.

Answers:    The Collins English Dictionary lists both variants of the plural as correct. Personally, I'd use 'commandoes'.

The ones who right to be heard 'landings' is incorrect are themselves probably incorrect, as it's highly unlikely there would be one landing, several simultaneous landing, similar to: 'There are two hours until the first bombings by our 'planes.'
Well, these sentences have several problems. But they are fixable!

There are two hours until the first landing of commandos. Is correct.

Two hours is plural and it is not singular so you do not need to join an s to the word landing.

The second sentence is the same commandoes is wrong.

You could also say the following, to convery the remarkably same information:

The commandos first landing will be in two hours.

The first landing of the commandos will be in two hours.

Commandos are landing contained by two hours!

Good luck.
As there is more than 1 hour (you've already used a plural) you only entail to add an 's' to the end of the word.
'There are two hours until the first landing of the commandos.'

p.s There is no entail for the 's' at the end of landings.

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