...Encouraging words, i could use them:)?

Question:I start summer school tomorrow morning at 8am... (Organic Chemistry & lab...mmm)
I keep trying to get myself back into the mindset of school..but at the present, it seems like i'm fishing without bait. (oh wait did i bring the pole?)

Any encouraging words, or advice...
What words, or process worked/works for you?

I've been on brake for 4 weeks, but it seems like months.
I know that once i get back 'on track', everything will start to flow; but right now... It's just not happening.

Thank you in advance!! I really do appreciate the time you took, to answer my question!
Much <3

Keep your eyes on the prize. You didn't simply choose to do this because you wanted to--you chose it because it would lead to something you knew you wanted.

It'll be worth it. Summer school goes quickly and then it'll be behind you. Schedule some time for yourself and for something you enjoy every day. Even if it's a fast and furious twenty minute bike ride. . . . it's a reward for the effort you are putting in. Good luck!
Remember that what you are learning this summer, less than 10% of the people in the world know...that gives you a mental edge on helping or impressing people! Good Luck

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