Anyone used BJU math, 6th or otherwise?

Question:Any homeschool parents that have used Bob Jones University math? If so, what is the text like? Is it interesting? What did you like and not like about it?

I used it from the time my kids were in grades 2/3 through grade 4/5. I didn't like it because it was done in chapters so there was not the review that my kids needed. It was very incremental, though, especially how they taught long division.
I'm not a parent but i was homeschooled, and we used BJU. I personally thought that it was very informative and gave me a good foundation for later education. We switched curriculums for one year and then ended up switching back to BJU because we thought it was better. Hope this helps
Used it, loved it will probably use it again. we used bju until 10th grade. just like anything else, some things you take, some things you leave. all in all we really liked it.
erm, i'm not a homeschool parent but i was homeschooled all my life. one of my early grades my mum ordered reading from BJU--she thought it was really good and it helped us get grounded in reading. for math, i've always used A Beka and i think it's great! :)

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