Anyone know about PAcyber(PCCS[PA charter cyber school)?

Question:I'm thinking of swiching from PAVCE(PA virtual charter school using the k12 program) to PAcyber for the college credits.[and a degre by the time I'm 18 :)]

I want to know what course I'd be in. I have taken World_HistoryB(100), Intermediate Language_skillsB(96), Pre-algebraB(99), and LifeScience2006[7th grade sci(97)]. What are the next courses using PAcyber?

Amyone who used PAVCS and then PAcyber and could tell me would help.

I'm also 1/2 way through PowerGlide_HS_French 2(grade thus far, 90)

It would appear the knowledge you seek is not widely known to the general public, so try this: (emails at the bottom!)

I'd email a couple of the departments with yer' question and ask for a response. They ought to know!

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