Are there any boarding schools like PCA on Zoey 101?

Question:I want my son to have a nice dorm like the characters of this show and more updated things. If you've seen this show and know some boarding schools like this, please answer. Also, preferably near california coast.

Yea i watched that show and wished i went to a boarding school like that, but since i go to a regular public school, it seemed to be too good to be true.

I think there will be boarding schools that have the equipment, but the people will probably not be as outgoing and connected like on the show, after all, its just a show
There are alot of boarding schools in California. Try searching for Laguna Beach schools, Beverly Hills Schools. I don't know if they are just like the is supposed to be super cool! Good Luck
Well, they're definitely not in the homeschooling section.
Boarding school is the antithesis of homeschool. Not sure why you're asking here.
The "Homeschooling" section is not the appropriate place to ask this question.

I cannot understand how anyone would want to send a child to boarding school. Where does the parental guidance take place? It simply can't--at least not on a daily basis.
Well first of all, PCA is actually Pepperdine Univeristy in Malibu, California. I would say look up boarding schools on the internet near california coast. Some websites I would try would be:
good luck. try searching california coast boarding schools on google or

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