Another evidence of ps stupidity?

Question:This just is to silly for words --- my friend's daughters (also homeschooled) attended the local hs graduation, there were 24 valedictorians!!

Give me a break this is just another pc way of making everyone feel good instead of truly awarding academic excellence and making it something to strive for! Now when I graduated we did have 2 valedictorians and 1 salutatorian but that was because they both had 4.0's back to 4th grade and were well rounded guys! (I graduated with 55 and 5 people had 4.0's or better so even with a 3.89 I was not in the top 10% of my class).

I feel sorry for the true valedictorian and salutatorian of this class as thier honors no longer really mean anything.

I completely agree with you. Those top kids should get the recognition they deserve and sholdn't have to share the limelight.
So if all the students who were valendictorians had the same grade, why should they all be punished?

Don't talk about what you don't know about. How do you KNOW that they all weren't tied for top of their class? That's right--you don't.

I would be thrilled to see students being honored for their acedmic achievement instead of so negative about the ceremony.
I have never heard words that rung so true
You mean "too" silly for words.
Wow! Must be an incredible school to have so many graduate with such high GPAs!

Children learn valuable social skills by attending public schools such as coping skills, patience, sharing, etc. I feel sorry for homeschooled children who graduate so socially delayed that they go totally wild in college.
So what's your question?

There are just as many problems with homeschooling as there are with public schooling. It's all about choosing your poison.
do you not know everybodys special and important nowadays ,even blake from American idol. lol
I feel sorry for kids that are home schooled...
There's no real question here, is there?

Either way, YOUR experience in high school doesn't really apply here, does it? Your tiny, tiny high school graduating class has absolutely no relation to a large public high school where it is very possible for many student to have the same perfect grade.
whereas I do not agree with the concept of home schooling (unless there are unique circumstances) I DO agree with the stupidity of having 24 valecictorians. I think that does take away from the "specialness" of the one student who has truly worked hard and achieved a status. How does this help the student who graduated with the lowest grade average? When he/she applies to college and puts "valedictorian" with a 2.1 GPA, he's gonna get laughed at. I think it could ultimately hurt self esteem. But, since I don't know the thought process surrounding the decision, or what school this was, I can only say that not all public education does that. I am sure you have your reasons for "stupid" pubic education, but don't let one school district sway your thoughts.
owel theres nuthin u can do jus try to get over it
What, 24 people can't be smart in a public high school?

That isn't stupid, but fair!

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