Are you homeschooled?

Question:Do you like it? Have you ever been to a public school, or planning too? Why?

I have been in public school, private school and homeschooled. I like homeschooling the best. Because I am homeschooled, I have more free time to do what I want and I can follow my own schedule and set my own pace. I dont have to listen to annoying teachers lecture for an hour when it takes me 30 minutes to read the chapter and do the assignment and I dont have to stop just because someone else doesnt understand or is goofing off. I love being done with all my school work by noon and being able to meet up with my friends and spend the afternoon having fun! I dont know why so many people think homeschoolers have no friends and if you truly dont, get a social life! Join a homeschool group, take a college class, go to the mall, volunteer somewhere fun and most importantly talk to people.
~14 yo daughter of Lorelei
I was home schooled for my last high school grades (10, 11, and 12 grade) and it was okay. I was able to redo some bad grades and graduated early. I would have liked to spend more time with friends though.
ive been in public school private school and homeschool.
Yes I like it. Its much easier and you get done faster than what you would in public schools.
I'm homeschooled at Penn Foster. I was in public schools until my 9th grade year.. I just started homeschooling in November and I'm already in my 11th grade year..
I'm homeschooled because I was sick and I missed alot of school days because of it and I also moved with my mom and the public schools here would of failed me because I missed so many days..
I am home-schooling now through high school. I like it, but you have be really self-disciplined to get it done. It's really easy to just not do it when you want to go do something else, unless you have someone telling you to do it. It's really fun though, because you can do it on your own schedule. I went to regular school from 3-8th grade, you do miss your friends, but when you home-school, there is no danger of school shootings or stuff like that.
i hate it. normal school was a heckofalot better.
im homeschooled have been sinsce kindergarden its ok id rather go to school though id get to see my friends way more..but i gotta give props to my mom for puttin up with me LOL
I went to public skewl k-6 and was home schooled in math this last year (7th grade) because I'm really good @ math and my school was re-teaching basic math to all sevies!! So I just went 2 shcool for a partial day, and next year I'm going back full time.

My cousin was homeschooled until high school and she could have gratuated at age 15
No and i'm happy not to be < wouldn't it be lonely?>
I am home schooled! To tell you the truth sometimes i do get lonley and i miss my friends because some of my friends i probaly could only see in my old school(i use to go to public) I thought i wasnt going to miss my school because i HATED it so BAD but hey` never say never. But i do love homeschooling way more then regular school; because I can work at my own pace,do it when i want to,not miss anydays for no reason lol,more freedom,i can use the bathroom when i want too,eat when i want too,sleep when i want to,and leave "school" when i want to! I can also choose which classes i want to take;Lower or Higher levels, i am very sickly(with like dirt,dust,germs)from me being sick all the time i missed about 41 days and another year about 25* and i have never felt better,and if i ever want to go on a "diet" i can eat what i want to=) You cant rly take a sociable kid and put them in homeschooling cause they probaly will get depresse=(
i was in public, priviate and home. I like home the best. i can do it my self, and i remember the material. it is also good because i am not huge on social stuff.
I was home schooled all except 6th and 7th grade when I attended public school. I loved it! I had a bit of fun in 6th because of really good teachers. I wish I could have quit 7th though, I found the other students to be immature and mean and I noticed my teachers teaching untruths all the time. I'm currently 22, happily married and in University on a scholarship. I'm very happy my mom took the time and extra effort to home school me instead of pawning me off on the government. If you have any questions feel free to IM me!
i dont personally like homeschool because i was kinda like a last resort. but it is easier if you are determined to finish school. and dont care to go out and party as much. i was in high school, then i moved 3 times and decided to stay in the same school district so i went to their homeschooling extention etc. and i began to miss my friends and being in touch with people. kinda drove me insane. (not literally) but i graduated with high grades so i'm happy
I am homeschooled and I have been my whole life (13 years) and I never want to go to school. I am in grade 8 & 9 and I normally finish before 11am most days. It is really fun cause you get to work at your own pace and in your own time. You also get to do lots of really fun activities like I do trampolining on Wednesday and figure skating on Friday. I have lots of friends and not just ones my own age. I would recomend it to everyone.

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