Basic science books?

Question:My 5 year old has decided to be an astronaut. As a result he is becoming more interested in science. Can you recommend any good books?

Most of the early-reader "series" (Hello Reader, Step Into Reading, Let's Read and Find Out) have astronaut- and space-themed books. Check with your librarian for these books/series. There's also the Magic School Bus series - they have a DVD with three of the books (MSB Gets Lost in Space, MSB Out of This World, MSB Takes Flight). Of course, those three books would be available, as well. Dorling Kindersley (DK Publishing) has an "Eyewitness" book about space exploration, but it's at a 3rd-6th grade reading level. I will say their books are generally quite informative, with two-page spreads about the different aspects of the topic that are the perfect length for short attention spans.

I find the library to be a great, FREE resource for a child (whose interests seem to change on a whim - like mine!) You can learn about the subject for a while and when the interest changes, you take the books back and haven't invested a ton of money on books that now sit on the shelf gathering dust.
just read him any sci fi books
A great astronomy curriculum for elementary is apologia "Exploring Creation with Astronomy." It has sparked my daughters interest in science and she has done 4 of the books in the series. It is a Charlotte Mason approach which is great for kids!
holt science and technology-physical science

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