Can a homeschooler go to a public school prom?

Question:I homeschool, but i would really like to go to a prom...even if i cant get a date..could i go with one of my g/f's? ...just as friends thoguh lol...i dont want to miss out on prom!!

Yes you can still go to a public school prom.. As long as someone invites you. Doesn't matter if its a guy or a girl... You just got to be invited to the prom..

Hope I helped.
If you are invited by a puplic schooler. You will probably still have to pay for the ticket, though.
My brother took his girlfriend to her prom and he was home schooled.
sure if you are asked by a person who goes to that school
you can also go with a group from the school. it is common for a few girls or guys to go "stag"
In Florida you can participate in any school event. Check with the school directly but if most likely isn't a problem. Also, check with
As long as you go with someone you know. I went with my boyfriend that graduated 2 years after me.
My understanding is it is ONLY if a guy asks you. A student can bring any date they want.

This is one of the things you lose out on with homeschool, sad but true.

You can CRASH the damn party. But if some prissy girl takes offense to you, you will be 86ed!

Don't ask me what 86ed means, I never figured that one out, but all bars use that term!
A great reason to be involved with a homeschool group.. our homeschool group gave a prom for our high school aged students this year.
you would probably need to check with the local school.
every state has different rules/ laws for homeschoolers and what they can and cant participate in.
It depends on the rules at your particular school. At my highschool, outside students were only allowed if they came as dates of enrolled students. Are any of your friends male? Perhaps they would take you as a "date". Generally the only requirement is that you arrive together. Once you get there you can dance with whoever you want.
In most areas, you would need to go as the "date" of a student at the school. Some districts will allow homeschoolers to attend proms and other events, but it is not the norm in a lot of areas. In some areas, homeschool groups will organize a prom for homeschooling teens. These tend to be a bit smaller than many of the high school proms, but just as much fun. Call the high school to find out their policy or ask other homeschool families.

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