Any good homeschooling instiution for 3rd grade?

Question:not online schooling i want the one that comes in the printed version like Amercan School

We use Calvert and both my daughter and I really enjoy it! This comprehensive curriculum is the same as the one used at their private school in Maryland. It's a bit pricey at a little over $700.00 without the Advisory Team Specialists, but they do allow you to pay in several installments. We are not disappointed with the curriculum and feel it's worth every cent.

Everything is included; you could literally start teaching the same day you open the box. Along with the curriculum you'll find a daily lesson plan for you to follow as well as how to teach the day's lesson and what questions you should ask to make certain your child is comprehending the subject. I find myself not needing it but it's good to have especially at the beginning if you lack a little confidence as I certainly did when we started off.

I enjoy this curriculum, too because it doesn't include any religion. Many families prefer a curriculum that does and it's fine but I prefer to instruct our daughter about religion myself. So if you are looking for a curriculum that includes religion than this one would not be for you.

Our daughter will be starting 3rd grade as well. We are looking so forward to this year's curriculum because Calvert will include Etymology as part of their spelling strategies. How fun this will be as both my daughter and I love spelling!
Sonlight is great it's involves a lot of reading and the lesson plans are set for you you can get the bible pack with the core and when you buy the first few cores its 2 years worth of study. Core 1+2 is world history based core 3+4 Am history based. We have enjoyed it this year you can get a catalouge at
I would recommend Christian Liberty which is very good; it is also quite affordable. The link is below:

If you are looking for a secular curriculum, I hear that Calvert is a good one.

I hope this is helpful.

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