Can a Friend of my mom from church homeschool me?

Home schooling laws vary from state to state. You can check the laws for your state here:
YES. so long as she or he is a state certified teacher. They must be a state certified teacher with a current lic to home sch.
YES BUT IT IS ILLEGAL TOO. homeschooling is you mom or dad teaching you believe me i have been homeschooled all my life.
Go to this site to find out what your state allows.
Depends on your state or country.

Some states may LIMIT IT only to blood relatives or people with legal custody.

BUT, if they come to your home it may be legal in almost every area, so long as your legal parent "supervises."
Yes they can. When your parents pull you out of public school they are saying that they are now going to be responsible for teaching you whatever you need to know to be "educated." If you parents feel that this person is able to teach you then he/she can do just that.

Make sure you follow the rules of your state for homeschooling.
i'm afraid not unless you can convince your parents... why don't you ask your mum's friend to talk to your mum about it with or without you? or talk to your mum about homeschooling and see how she feels first... you ought to tell your mum why you want to be homeschooled and reassure her you'll do your best if homeschooled :D wish you all the best :)
Depends on where you live and laws of that state. Go to the Home School Defense League website and you can find the rules concerning someone other than a parent providing homeschooling and the needed certifications for your state.
Yes. The state doesn't care what you do once you are homeschooled. You can even unschool (teach yourself). She doesn't have to be a state certified teacher or anything. At least where I live. You might want to check with the laws in your state, but most of the time they don't check up on you.
If your parents are open to the idea of homeschooling, you'll need to check out your state laws.

Some states require the parents/guardians to do the homeschooling.

That doesn't mean the friend can't help or help guide your parents if they want.

Check the laws concerning homeschooling in your state here.. , if you can't find anything that way, then email HSLDA and ask them or email a homeschool group in your state and ask them, most homeschoolers/homeschool groups are more than happy to answer your questions.

Good luck!

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