Are our children falling and failing?

NO, Mine are successful. First born son graduated three years ago. has a decent job and is independent. Second son just graduated with a 3.6 GPA and is already enrolled at the U of M. He is trying out for the Hockey Team !! I hope he makes it. Third born daughter is an honor roll student and is well on her way to following her brothers footsteps! I thank God every day for my children, they are the best thing that's ever happened to me !!
Mine was until we brought him out of public school. He did not try and nothing we did could encourage him to try. We tried punishing by taking away everything and it did not encourage him to try. At home, he is not a scholar and perhaps will never be a scholar, but he is developing a love for learning.
He would have been falling and failing had he stayed in public school. He has a chance now.
Our children are taught that during ones life time you cannot avoid falling.
The key is to have enough self confidence, and trust in your abilities to pick yourself up, and try again.
With that attitude in mind, combined with a healthy work ethic, one does not "fail", even though you may not always succeed in what you set out to do.

Failure is the result of not trying.
Generally yes

Japanese executives WILL NOT put thier kids into even things like the Monesttori schools in America, but they fight to get them into Harvard or UCLA

We have ONE of the best higher education programs and one of the worst primary education programs

Johnny can't read or do math and thinks New Jersey is the capital of New York

Johnny thinks DENMARK is a city

I've gotten this from High School graduates!

We ARE getting better. Some schools are using APA and Chicago Manual of Style in their work

Some schools ARE trying to educate

But some schools have ceilings falling in on students

If your classroom isn't safe (Oprah on NYC schools) how good is your education!

Two or three years ago NY considered throwing out ALL the Regents exams on math because NEXT TO NO ONE passed them!
Yes they are, and that is a good thing. our present system of educaiot has made failing such a negative thing when it is just a part of life. the idea that failure should always be avoided is simply contrary to the improvement of the human race.

If it were not for failing, you would cease to learn anything, beginning the very start of your life...crawling would never take place...walking? Certainly not! Reading? Give me a break!

Humans naturally LEARN through failures. When something does not work, then we try it again, a slightly different way, over an over until we get it right...that's how we grow. it is the way all inventions really take place. Everyone knows that famous stories of how many times Edison failed at making the lightbulb that eventually made hime the father of electric lighting (even though he was omething like the 23rd person to actually invent one).

Failure is a part of life. What is wrong, in my opinjion, with our modern school ssytem, is that failure is treated as an anomally that must be avoided at all costs. And so, we have resounding mediocraty as a result, because few are willing to taek teh risk of failure. We are all looking for a safe bet.

I say, fall, fail, get up, learn, repeat as necessary...until you get what you are aiming for!
My kids are succeeding! They are homeschooled and have eventually learned everything I've tried to teach them and a lot that I didn't. They are all polite, well socialized, and well spoken.

They all are above average in at least two subjects and at least at grade level in EVERYTHING (according to standardized test results).

The public schools are a different story. We always rank near the bottom of the list in international tests on Math and Science. Considering how much we pay in taxes for this school system, its appalling. I don't know what the answer for the public school system is. Many have tried to fix it and none have succeeded. I am not saying we should give up, but my kids won't go down the drain while people try to sort it out.
It really depends on where you live. Some parts of the country have some great smaller towns with wonderful schools and others stink up the ying yang. I know in California I swear we have some of the worse Public Schools. I wouldn't dare let my daughter step foot in one of those institutions. Now my sister in law moved from Cal to Tenn and the Public schools are so awesome there. They are like a Private Christian school and her kids are now making straight A's and are succeeding well. She had to actually pull them from the school when they lived here.
falling and failing in what aspect? academically? physically? spiritually? literally? figuratively? at work?

well, since my siblings and i are homeschooled, i'ld say No, we aren't falling and failing academically. in this aspect we're excelling.

and well, children fall and fail once in awhile, that's part of life--physical aspect.

spiritually yes, children AND adults fall and fail too.

literally is the same as physically, so yes, children AND adults do fall and fail at some point in their lives. they just need 100% support and encouragement during this time :)

figuratively is similar to spiritually, so yes, we adults and children do fall and fail sometimes.

at work we children who have become adults will fall and fail once in awhile too--it's just part of life, no one's perfect.

so which aspect were you talking about? :D
Our kids are learning music. We need to put learning in music for now. They would be geniuses!

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