About how much does Homeschooling cost for 3 children?

Question:I need to know how much it would cost to be homeschooled in oklahoma for 3 children ages 13, 14, & 15

That depends on you it can cost up to 1,000 per child using Abeka's video program or virtually free using Internet and the library. Check out Homeschooling on a shoestring. That's the grand things about homeschooling it is all up to you.the lessons, the time, the vacations, the price. Also check out homeschooling for dummies as well as a local homeschooling group. The other mom's in the group will play a huge part in helping you discover the total freedom in being a homeschooling mom. Don't completely dismiss unschooling it has it's place just like everything else. Good luck and have fun!!
It depends, are you just starting or do you have some books? It also depends upon what kind of curriculum you use. I homeschool my three kids for $300 for the whole school year. That averages to only $100 per child. But then, I have some books I reuse from the older ones. See if you can find some homeschoolers who have a used book sale.
Depending on your curreiulum. The cheapest We found was 200 Dollars per kids.
It can very inexpensive if you shop well.

We use Saxon for math. You can usually get their books used from eBay, amazon, or www.campusi.com.

Science we use apologia, same thing, you can probably get used books on the internet.

Even if you went all new, it wouldn't be more than about $200 per kid, and that is stretching it I believe.

I have gotten really good at finding curriculum sales (check local churches and the library) and passing books down from one child to the other. It gets cheaper after the first year because of that.

Good Luck!
We will home school next year for less than $100.00 plus internet cable bill and gas to go to library. We get books from library, Goodwill store and yardsales.
We have more curriculum than we could possibly finish in the next 3 years.
well it would be free if you did it through a public school in your district, and then your boys/girls could still play sports at that school
Like others have said it really depends on what kind of curriculum you want to use. Since your kids are so similar in age, you could possibly teach them most subjects all together using the same lessons but making allowances for ability in Math or Reading.

Check out Cathy Duffy's curriculum review at this site:
She lists the most popular curriculum, the religious leaning (if any), pros and cons, and approximate cost. Her book is slightly more in-depth than her website and is available at most libraries.

It depends on how creative you want to be. A fully-put together curriculum for each grade level is usually pretty expensive. Some families with multiple children find that unit studies are good way to use one lesson with kids of various ages and academic levels. Unit studies can be purchased, or you can develop them yourself. They are usually cheaper if you develop them yourself because you can rely heavily on the library. Some websites even offer unit studies that other homeschoolers have put together.

This website has lots of links to free unit studies and ideas for putting your own together as well as a wealth of other homeschooling information.

And as always when considering homeschooling, be sure to check your state's laws at:

Good luck!
This depends on a lot of different variables. First, your homeschool style will dictate that...if you have specific types of curriculum, you'll spend more money. If you can use items from your library, and are building your own curriculum, you will get off cheaper.

Additionally, you can make things like family vacations serve a duel purpose, so you don't necessarily have to do everything segregated into homeschool and everything else...you can cover geography, for example, history or a myriad of other subjects in just a few minutes a day (so it still is a vacation). My wife collects postcards from every place we go, and then uses them later for the homeschool.

There are other costs...with us at least, we gave up my wife's salary to homeschool. But, it has proven a good decision, one we believe is worth the sacrifice.

Regular supplies, like pencils and paper and stuff you would have to pay for anyway...so your basic costs are for books and lab type materials. You district may let you borrow books from them, which is another low cost possibility.

I'd say that with everything we do, it costs us maybe $300-400 more do homeschool than it might to public school.

That's acedemics only, though. There are some cost avoidance possibilities, too. School pictures are cheaper...there's no ASB card to pay for...you don't have to buy the latest trend in clothing as much...your annual will be self designed and less expensive.

Anyway, the cost to do it can vary a lot. Some people pay $1000 for a whole program...others design their own. So, just like you schooling experience, the cost is really up to you!
This is a difficult question to answer as it is a bit like asking 'how long is a piece of string'?

This said one recent study produced by the US Department of Education suggested that the average cost today is in the region of $550 per child.

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