After homeschooling, how can you acquire a high school diploma?

Question:I know nothing on the subject. Thank-you.

In the US, most states consider homeschools to be private schools, which means your parents issue you a diploma and it's the same as one from any other public or private high school. If you "attend" an accredited program (A Beka, BJU HomeSat), they will issue you a diploma.

You are NOT required to take the GED to be considered "done" with high school - there are no states that still require this. GED still holds the stigma of drop-out, which homeschoolers are not.

For specific info for your state, check out the HSLDA website (see link below).
Try the community "Adult Education" in most areas, Call your local High school to get details
I'm pretty sure you can get it from city hall or your school district's main office.
Most school districts offer the chance to take a GED test. GED stands for General Eductaion Development, but are commonly refered to as General Equivalency Diplomas. Basically, once you take the test and pass, you receive the equivalent of a high school diploma.

So, you can contact your local school district, city hall, and even your local community college. The community college may even offer a course on preparing for the GED, as well as offering the test (both community colleges in my hometown offer the class, but only one offers the test).

I hope this helps. Good luck.
In most places in the US, a parent simply has to provide the diploma.
A GED is probably the simplest way. You take the test, but study up first. Maybe take a GED course in Adult school or a place like LEarning Tree if they have one. Some schools have saturday class for mostly adults to help them with the GED

If you course of study was an accredited one you may be able to get a diploma from your state or from them.
I use Abeka-Academy,and they grade your papers and keep your grades . I will get my diploma when I graduate in 2 years! their website is :
get GED online, easy!
In NC, the parents/teachers provide the diploma. It can be as fancy or plain as you choose.
This diploma is as effective as an accredited school diploma in finding a job. It is as effective as accredited school diploma in applying for colleges. Colleges look at your SAT/ACT scores and your portfolio.
If you are under an umbrella school they should provide one, if not your parents will give/make one.

check out for great high school forms and ideas.
You can present your own dimploma. If you want one recognized by your state, then you would probably get a GED, or you can apply to a private school that can evaluate your work as you go and provide a transcript and graduation certificate. But that's not necessary. You can just issue your own. Remember, colleges go by standarized test scores for admission. Your dimploma will be fine if your child has a good entrance score.
I was always told that in order to acquire an acceptable diploma, you had to go through an accredited homeschooling organization. That was what I was informed, but it probably differs from region to region.

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