Anyone here homeschool and work full time?

Question:What is your homeschooling schedule? I have had nothing but problems with my son's school this year (see my other questions if you want details) and we are considering homeschooling. If we do decide to homeschool, I'm not sure how we could work it out. I work full time during the day, and quitting my job at this time is not an option. I also can't switch my schedule. I am allowed to bring my son to work with me, so on the days I had to work, I could let him work on worksheets or read or whatever, but I'm wondering how other parents cope with working and homeschooling. Is it possible? He'll be 12 this summer, so legally he is able to be left by himself while I worked, but I'm afraid of getting into trouble with the school board, for not being there to homeschool him when I'm working.

I work full time, sometimes more than 40 hours per week. You definitely can work and home school your child. And I don't spend all my free time doing homework, either. I use the earlier mentioned, and also some textbooks and workbooks that I have found at my local Mardel's. I find that if I spend a few hours a month planning, that I can manage it all. My kids took the IOWA test this year, and scored far about their grade level, so I know I am doing the right thing. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it, if it is a priority to you, you CAN make it work. As for the legality, my state has a form I must fill out each year to let them know I am homeschooling. You should be able to research and find out what is appropriate for your state.
Yap. If you can afford to work part time so you have a lot of time for your kids, that devine. It really is a serious job being a parent. You cannot have both and do good on both. It's either you will be lousy on your performance and get fired at work but your kids are all good or the opposite. If you have brought up your kids that they will understand the situation if you can't for part time, then every body in your family is in good hands. it is really in the way you talk to them. You can tell them let's work as a team and the goal is : for you to put food on the table; and them to help you better make them better themselves by following the plan you assigned to each one of your childred. And check with them all the time if they follow through. It's up to you to do what' best if that doesn't work. Stay home or keep on working.
*If you live in a college town could you have a student live with you and help with the teaching in exchange for room and board? This could be a win-win situation for a student trying to afford school and for your son's education.

*Have you spoken with a financial planner? It could be that with some lifestyle changes or reworking your budget you or your husband could stay home.
I work also...and I can sometimes bring my 7 yo son. We have an online learning system called that he uses anywhere he goes. He has his own laptop and we got a Sprint DSL internet card so he is completely mobil. We have an adapter for in the car when I have to be on the road or when we are going to a Field trip. We also use A Beka Book. The both programs are VERY self taught. I am always nearby to answer questions and we still have time after work for lecturing on a subject.
He is ADHD and is still able to stay focused on time4learning cause of it's structure. A Beka requires me to "stay on him" a bit more but he gets it done with the use of a timer for reminders and lots of rewards. We are schooling all year so that when we hit roadblocks during the year we won't find ourselves running behind. Find ways to trade off with friends that can take him a day or 2 through the week so he is not stuck at work w/you all the time but is able to use his spare time on his own endevours.
good luck!
I was homeschooled all my life, but my mom stayed home everyday to help me.

If you cannot be a stay at home mom at this time, I would not suggest homeschooling your son.
Check about enrolling him in a virtual academy. Go to and click on "Get k12 today!" to see if they have a virtual school in your area. With these schools the computer, printer, lessons, materials, etc., are sent to you. Many children are able to do their school work by themselves using this program, so you wouldn't have to be there all the time. I hope I helped!
Check the local homschool communities for co-ops. There is a coop here that runs two days a week, they meet at a local church building and then the rest of the week is spent online.

There are also online schools that would require minimal help from you.

Do you have a computer at work with internet access? Or, possibly classes on CD-ROM that can be accomplished mostly on computer anywhere even without access. If you had a quiet office with a computer that could work out.

You are right that leaving the 12 year old at home might not be a great idea unless you trust him could enroll him online and monitor his internet activity from work with "net nanny" so you can be sure he is doing what he is supposed to do when he is supposed to do it and NOT online gaming or visiting chatrooms or inappropriate sites.

NOT EASY but possible

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