A question for the home schoolers...?

Question:Are you Christian? I'm finding that a lot of home school groups and resources are Christian oriented.

Well, I am a Christian (I attend church most Sundays and teach Sunday School), but we started homeschooling and continue b/c my children are special needs. I tend to use curriculum that is secular and/or special needs. We also like books like Harry Potter for example, that I have learned not to mention in the presence of many Christian homeschoolers! I am also not Republican and for several reasons like that I don't seem to fit into many Christian homeschooling groups very well oddly enough.

I am hoping that as home school curriculum publishers realize that there is a large segment of special needs children and non-Christians and Christians that want secular materials that they will increase their secular and special needs curriculum. I hope they are reading this!
We are, but we aren't associated with any church or Christian Curriculum.
We are.
I am Catholic - but that doesn't effect how I do my schoolwork or anything. The only difference is that I have a religion class. Good question!

Good Luck ;)
I do an online school, and i'm not really a "Christian". i decided to do homeschooling to get away from all the bad kids, who smoke and do drugs.
Yeah, we're Christian. I'm not positive that's the real reason my mom brought us home from the public school we were in, but that was one of the reasons for deciding.
Atheist home schooler here.
Yes, we are Bible believing Christians.
We are active in Church, home schooling, community, politics, and serving our country.

Our home school group excepts people of all walks of life, and faiths, since it is not always our faith that brings us together, but the common bond of home schooling our children.
Sadly I have found that people on both sides have preconceived notions about each other.
Yes we are. I personally don't know of anyone in our area who homeschools who is not Christian. The organization has a big bash every summer and there are usually 700 or so people.
We are Pagan, and we go to a UU church weekly; our homeschooling group is a secular one, though there are Christians, Athiests, Jews, UUs, and who knows what else... religion has never really been an issue in the group.

In America, the majority of homeschoolers are Christian because the majority of Americans are Christian. Catch my drift?

While about 70-70% of homeschoolers cite religion as a factor in their choice to homeschool, only a third cited it as THE reason.

I personally am an apathetic agnostic atheist. I don't know, I don't care, and I don't think so.
i do home schooling but no im not
This is true because the majority of the other religions.
Are not quite as public with their recourse's yet.
We are not christian.
Many recources for HS groups are Christian oriented because in the Bible it says that (Deuteronomy 6:7) And thou shalt teach them (God's words) diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. SO many pp HS so that they can teach their children God's word well, something which schools obviously cannot do. It is God's command to parents to do this well. thus many HS resources are geared towards achieving this aim.
Yes. Although religion had nothing to do with our decision to homeschool. We're Catholic and there are Catholic public schools here.

Although, I will say that I'm a member of 3 non-religious homeschool groups.
I am a Christian, and my children use the Alpha Omega CD's. I'm also a substiute special education teacher's aid in the public schools, and both of my children have been in school, I'm not totally against the schools. Something I have noticed over the last 15 years is that almost every teacher I've come in contact with is a Christian and whether they say the word God or not, they shine as Christians in the classroom, not that people who aren't Christians aren't able to teach though. As a homeschooler I can be with my child more, teens need their parents influence, positive attitude, encouragement and support more than their friends opinions. I teach my child to be strong, my son went back to school in high school and he is a leader in every way, very happy and well rounded. My children are strong, confident, and have their own mind instead of following others. Stand for something or fall for anything basically. My daughter will probably go back to school in high school as well. It works for them, that's what is important; Godly, strong happy children. Whatever a parent decides to do, it's important to ask the children what learning style they want and time spent listening to your child and letting them know you love and support them no matter what is very important.
I am Christian, yes, but there is a homeschool organization near by that is pagan. All kinds homeschool.
Yes, alot of us are. i think it is because hte parents feel led by the Heavenly Father to protect us from alot of the trash that goes on in the world today. Homeschooling was started by Christians, so I think that might have something to do with it too.
Yes we are here but I have heard of man others who are not. We are Catholic as well. The main reason we had for home schooling is I was unsatisfied with the public school curriculum.
We are Jewish and yes, homeschooling!
We are and we attend a Christian support group. We also have many non-Christian friends, both homeschoolers and not.
Well, since most people in our nation say they are Christian, it isn't going to be surprising if people say they are Christian to this question. That being said, there are, from my observation over the last 15 years or so, a larger number of organizaitons that are Chritian oriented in their focus than not.

I do not homeschool for religious reasons, although I am Christian. We don't have a Christian curriculum, and we also don't teach Chritiatnity as a school subject. Many homeschool groups will require a statement of faith in order to join or pariticpate, others do not. But I think the truth is a majority of homeschool families would fall closer to the conservative Christian description than not. When you look for homsechool materials, you will see that the bulk of them are Christian in nature. There are more non-religious materials availabel now than ever before, as the homeschool community broadens and people start hoemscooling for other reasons.

There are other religiously based homeschool groups, too, such as Muslim groups we have in our area.
I'm Catholic, and I use a variety of materials, some Catholic, some Christian (because of it's quality), and some that has nothing to do with religion.

I prefer things to be Catholic. I love my Faith and I want my kids to learn it and love it. I hated school and want to give my kids something better than I had. I love my kids. I also find it hard to relate to a lot of homeschoolers who aren't homeschooling for religious reasons. I think it's neat and commendable, but I wouldn't have as easy a time talking to such a homeschooler for fear of offending him. If I were to join a group of homeschoolers I would want it to be Catholic. Actually I would even be willing to put the time and energy into running a Catholic Homeschool group, but not just an any homeschooler group because it wouldn't stir my heart as much.
We are Christian but do not base our homeschool on Christianity. I homeschool because the public schools suck!

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