A important question about homeschooling.?

Question:I am entering my sophmore year in highschool...i absolutly HATE my highschool and do not want to go there anymore...i do ok in school i am an A-B-C student...i want to get a decent education and i am going to go to college in the future.i get really bad attendance because i get horrible headaches and they have allready taken my credits away once.what kinds of classes do you have to take and what type of diploma do you recieve...and do you take electives...and how do you learn ?? i basically need to know everything about home schooling.please tell me !!

First, go to a doctor and get your headaches checke out ASAP! Sounds like migraines. (I work for a neurologist, and my daughter also suffers from migraines.)

Second, there are MANY, MANY online high schools that you can sign up with (yes, they cost a bit of money; have your parents look into this as an alternative!!). I'm including several in the "source box" for you to look at (I'm looking into Keystone for my daughter; a friend swears by this school for her children).

Finally, go to http://www.youcanhomeschool.org/starther... This is You Can Homeschool and this page has each state's laws. Click on your state and you will see a list of organizations that can help you with your homeschooling questions.

Good luck!!
first contact the dpi depart of instruction in your state every state has different rules, but most basically want you to complete appx 900 hrs of work a year, not a semester a year. you always have access to your credits you have already earned. Try putting in a search for stuff like home schooling and then your state name. You will get ooodles of hits. Record everything this is very important. good luck
Where I live and in many states you can sign up for an online school such as COVA. You could access their web site and ask them if they are available in your state. They would send you their curriculum for free. Just type in "online schools" to get a list of schools.
Some homeschool programs are like regular school and you have to turn in papers and such at a deadline.

Others are go at your own pace

Some are accredited, which technically doesn't mean a bag of beans according to a teacher and school owner I know. Its accredited by "whom" that counts more. Does the accrediting instituted have a reputation and is it acceptable by other systems.

Diplomas don't mean a bag of beans if the institute isn't acceptable.

Some states offer programs. Florida, for example. It costs money unless you are a Florida resident but if I'm not mistaken if you do the work you can qualify for a Florida diploma.

The Montissori system also has a homeschool program and their diploma might be acceptable.

Most college make room for homeschoolers, the thing is you have to place the placement tests, you may also have to take the SAT or ACT test (and those cost money even if you are in school).

Finally you need to relaize that college is FAR more intense than high school.

Some colleges drop you for missing as few as 3 days a term in a given class.

Some class are in groups of 200-400 students and they don't care if you show up or not, but you better pass the test.
Ditto on the headaches.

Then check http://www.hslda.org for your state's requirements and possible help getting started. There are many different ways to go about it -- personally I think online/virtual are the worst. How is sitting in front of a puter for 8 hours a day being educated?! Yes you should have good computer research skills in today's world but still you can cover that and keyboarding/typing in about an hour a day.

http://www.rainbowresource.com is a great catalog - a bit overwhelming as it's huge - with good synopsies of all their products.

http://www.sonlight.com is a really good curriculum that's literature based. A bit pricey but they offer payment plans.

http://www.homeschooloais.com has good forms and articles on getting started, high school needs, etc

http://www.timberdoodle.com has good recommendations, fast shipping and good prices.

You can search for a private school in your state and then look at what they require for graduation and work off of that for an idea on what you need to complete. (homeschool oasis has thoughts on this as well --- Barb Shelton's book Home School HIgh School Form U La is awesome!)

Blessings! Don't stress to much -- it's supposed to be fun!
You can switch to home schooling with your parents concurrence. It would be advisable that you supplement your junior/senior years of homeschooling by taking a course ever semester in a local community college. That gives validity to your HS diploma/transcript and you may begin college at sophomore (advance) level.

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