Another question about my grade?

Question:I previously asked if I was in the right grade, and they said since I was home-schooled it doesn't matter.

So, I am in sixth grade, born November first, 1994. I live in California. I want to get involved in a youth program. Should I say "if I were in public school I'd be in seventh or sixth grade?" Again, I live in California, more specifically around Sacramento, in Folsom.

Thank You!

so you're 13 years old this year. technically you ought to be doing grade 7, which means you're behind by one grade. there are a total of 12 grades, one K1, and one K2. see list below:

K1=5 yrs old.
grade 1=7
6=12 (end of primary school)
7= 13 (start of secondary school)
8= 14
9= 15
10= 16
11= 17
12= 18

if you're smart, you can skip grades or rush through grades by having fewer offdays or doing double lessons whenever possible. i was homeschooled all my life :D
Hm... well I'm from Southern California, and you're two years younger than I am. I'm an incoming sophomore, which should make you an incoming eighth grader. However, I go to a public school, so I'm not aware of the home schooling system
Someone who was born on November 1, 1994 would be entering the 8th grade (in September).

Tell them that you are home-schooled, but you're the equivalent of a public school student entering the 8th grade (if you are up-to-date and where you are supposed to be educationally, which I assume you are).
Traditionally you'd be in the seventh grade.

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