Are you tired of people asking "What about Socialization?"?

Question:Turn about is fair play. Check out the link below and tell me what you think.;...

Yeah. Actually, I'm not so tired about that as I am about people spouting off their ridiculous ideas as though they were a fact. "What about socialization?" is still kind of showing curiosity, a respectful question. But when they proceed to tell homeschoolers about how their kids are going to suffer by only talking with family and how their social skills will not develop because they'll never make any friends, THAT gets tiresome. I seriously wonder if these people would truly lock their kids up at home if they were to homeschool. If so, good thing they don't homeschool!
My husband always says, "No, we don't want them to become socialists."
depends on the day sometimes I will go through everything they do and show how social they are other times I just answer no I dont want them to be social so I keep them at home and never let them out
If my kids had any more socialization we would never do any school work. Between tennis practice, swim team, climbing club, theater practice, softball, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, skating, weekly homeschool meetings, video game night, homeschool dances, tae kwan do, volunteer work, science center classes, art classes, and the list goes on and on, we barely have time to get the school work done. There are days they are actually working in the car while we drive to an activity. And people think homeschooled kids have no life, maybe they should quit worrying about homeschool kids and get a life of their own.
Yeah, and I am tired of all the other repeat questions on here, too! My personal un-favorites, after the socialization one, are about whether hsing or psing is better, how to get started, and what curriculum to choose.
I homeschool as well. And yes, I am very tired about people asking me "what about socialization". I get this question about everytime I tell the person I am homeschooled. I socialize all the time. I chat on the internet and msn with my friends. I have my friends over and I go to their house as well. Infact, I socialize every single day. You don't have to go to a public school 5 days a week 8 hours a day, to socialize. I also do gymnastics, so there I have a few friends that I socialize with as well.
actually, now that I'm reading John Taylor Gatto, I rather relish the opportunity to tell them about the true meaning of schooling socialization.
The socialization issue can be viable, because a lot of religious extremists keep their kids from making social contact.

The use homeschooling as an excluse to CLOISTER them!

A viable homeschool program allows for children to "go to the mall" or "join little league" or "girls softball on weekends"

That is pleanty of socialization.

Most professional studies show

Homeschoolers are:

More socialble and social
More mature

It is the EXTREMISTS who chain a child to the bed that lose out and make the system look "bad" to others
But won't they miss the prom? (smile)

Yes, it drives me crazy when they accuse us of protecting our children and that they won't grow up to be normal unless they learn how to get beat up or beat somebody up.
YES I do!
Yes I do get tired of this myth, but there will always be those few idiots out there that believe in the myth and take a few freak incidents and apply them to every family. Dumb dumbs.
i used to be homeschooled. i struggled socially until i went to school. i know people who have no social life because they are homeschooled, and i know girls who do it because they're busy modeling or singing or acting somewhere.

most non-homeschoolers dont know about the second group, and they are just good-heartedly concerned.
I'm sick of it, too. My kids never heard the word b**, n*** or f** until they went to school. They learned how to call other children hurtful names. They learned how to hit other people. They "socialized" with kids who stole from them, hit them and called them names. They came home crying because other students treated them unjustly. Who needs that kind of socialization?
At home, I can determine with whom they socialize. Until they went to school, they liked classical music and the arts. Those are no longer cool since they went to school.
YES, how about these answers:
"My children aren't quailified to socialize your children."
"I don't want my children associating with your children!"

hehehehe.. not very nice.. but I think about saying that sometimes.

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