Question:find an equation of the line containing the given point and given slope

y= -3x-2
y=-3x -6
u know m represents the slope of the equation which is -3
then put that into the slope intercept form: y=mx +b
it would look like y=-3x + b
now evaluate the value of the point (-2,0) to the equation y=-3x + b
it would be: 0= -3(-2) +b

0= 6 +b
move 6 to left
-6 = b
substitute b in the equation with the number
y= -3x -6

Therefore, the answer is y= -3x -6
DaMn i just finished my exams and already forgot the formulae wait i'll get my book :)..yea use the formulae
ie . y minus y to the 2nd point that is 0 =m<slope>multiplied by 1st that is <-2>...

answer is 3x+y+6=0

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