"new beginings" pre-school topic?

Question:any body got any ideas for activities? the nursery is newly opened and i need some help all gratefully received!

You need to be more specific. Math, language, motor skills, science, music because you will get more out of your answers if you do.

I would do Theme weeks and all activities would revolve around the theme, farm animals, dinosaurs, dots, nursery rhymes, transportation, disney, zoo animals, community helpers, birds, the list is endless.

I don't have any links for you but if you search preschool activities you will find alot more than you will no what to do with

Try Hightlights, scholastic, squigglys playhouse to name a few
I agree with the previous post that your best bet is probably to use the theme-of-the-week approach. Here are three sites that specialize in thematic ideas for early childhood:


In case you need more of a general idea of what the children should be picking up, the following site might help you out. It gives a rundown of what a child should generally be expected to know at the end of any given year of schooling. This link is for preschool in particular, but you can look at the other levels as well depending on how old your children are.

This is a great topic;
Seeds grow cress in an egg the egg symbolises a new beginning of the chick, the cress shows how seeds grow. Have pictures of eggs and chicks.
Pictures of babies, and pregnant women, ask the children to bring in photos of themselves as babies and how they are now.
get an incubator and hatch some eggs
You have missed frog spawn but make a note for next year.

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