Au Pair?

Question:Does anyone do Au Pair work? I know its normally to pick up kids from school & transport them around for extra mural activities supervise homework & that. Can anyone give me more infomation about it & how to go into it??

Thank YOu

Sometimes au pair live in as well. That means they stay in your house, in which case, you need to have set time for her to work. Monday-Friday 7am-8pm..her wages are less as she doesn't pay rent.
When you emply an au pair, you must clearly state (put it in writing) what her job will be - picking up the children..
Well, actually an au pair is a live in Nanny, so they do a lot more than what you have listed. has a lot of information about it. They also have job listings, so you can find work. Yet, it is a lifestyle as well as a job, since you will actually be living with the family of the children in which you will be working. Good luck in your job / career search!
It really depends on the family needs. For each family it is different what they need and depending on the age of the kids. It can be either live in or live out. It can be just a few things to do like picking up from school and helping with homework ro fulltime care like a parent would do. I even know some that take care of the kids even when they are sick, go on vacations with the parents to watch the children. AuPair is actually the same thing as a Nanny. That is what they would call a Nanny in other countries. It is the same thing as saying Teacher's Aide (Nanny) or ParaProfessional (Au Pair).

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