Can you give me ideas for a Fathers Day project?

Question:i need to make a Father's Day project w/ my class. (18 mo. olds) so they cant actually DO to much, but they can paint or color whatever i make. I want something different, not the usual handprint card. There are two poems im deciding on,
the first one could be done w/ a footprint, but i need a creative idea.
walk a little slower daddy,
said a little child so small
Im following in you footsteps,
and I dont want to fall

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they are hard to see,
So walk a little slower Daddy
For you are leading me

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be
Then I will have a child
Who'll want to follow me

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true,
So walk a little slower Daddy,
For I must follow you.

I'm using the first poem and painting my student's feet. ( I teach first.) I am then laminating them.
For that age group, I would just take pictures of each kid and put the child's picture on construction paper with the poem. Have the child draw on the borders of the paper.

You can take the pictures on a digital camera and print them on the computer, hopefully the one at the day care center you work at.

The second poem sounds more like something for an older child to give to his dad. I like the first one better for the toddlers.
When my daughter was about that age she brought home the cutest gift ever. It was a stick and it has a string on it to look like fishing line w/a big construction paper hook and bobber on the bottom of the string. On the stick part where the reel and all that would be was her picture and a construction paper heart w/a little poem on it. My husband loved it. She's 8 now and I think we still have that thing somewhere!
For that age. make a photo frame, decorate it and it's finish.
have children marble paint a picture and glue poem in middle of picture. marble painting is very easy get a small box with deep sides[Pepsi24 Can boxes work best. place paper in side box and eye drop different color paints on paper . Place a marble in center of box and have child roll box back and forth so paint is spread and design is made with marble. you could also use a golf ball instead of marble since it is for their dad
Love the first poem - 18months?
Cut out of a bow tie which the children colour/paint in and stick to the page with the poem
when my daughter was 18 months old me and her we made a set that consisted of a white tee shirt and a white hankerchief and i got paint all diffrent colors and i made her hand prints on the tee shirt and the hankerchief and just wrote happy fathers day she is now 6 yrs old and they are still framed and hanging on the wall in our apartment and you can use the glitter paint that is for frabics and you can also use the kids pics on the tee shirts etc and also you can get pine cones and dress them as the fathers all sorts of stuff go to your local arts and crafts supply store and tell them your idea they will surley be able to help you maybe even give you a book on what arts and crafts would be appropriate for 18 month olds good luck

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