CCLD level 2 help!?

Question:I need help with the question " the ways childrens needs change as they develop and how to make the environment appropriate".


You have to consider the whole child. As a child grows and develops the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children change. For example, a young child learning to walk and go and down upstairs needs practice in these areas. Where as a child of the age of 4 or five already has these skills, such as walking up a set of stairs. A 4 or 5 year old might be learning how to hop or skip, or even throw a ball. I work at the daycare and In the baby room, staff take the babies outside of the room and assist them to walk up and down the stairs. The physical needs of a young toddler and a four or five year old change. A young child might not have the social skills to play along side other children. A five year old will have some social skills in which they use to interact with other peers. The older children get, the more social skills they pick up and use (if they are taught these).
As children get older they become aware of their emotional needs. A young child may have trouble distinguishing why they are mad or sad, but an older child like 5 years of age can tell you why he/she is upset, sad, excited, ect.

Well I hope you get the idea of what im trying to get across. Good luck.

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