Any gift ideas?

Question:I have a little brother that is fixing to start Kindergarden, and he LOVES to write. I have gotten him a Crayola drawing pad and a pack of "Pipsqueaks" and he used all of the paper within 3 days. I would love to just blow out on a bunch of Crayola products (I LOVE CRAYOLA!) for him. Any suggestions for a bigger (up to $30) present for him besides the obvious crayons and markers?

My preschool-aged daughters love to use their CHALKBOARD to practice writing!! And as a parent, I love it because it is an easy mess to pick up. We had an easel-type one that they used all the time (they are expensive)- so much in fact that we MADE a large chalkboard for them. and it was VERY EASY. You could MAKE your brother a neat gift that he could use and enjoy...?
Purchase a piece of such as 3/8" thick particle board, paint on a couple coats of "chalkboard paint" (they also sell it in spreaypaint @ Walmart!). Or tape out an area of wall in his room and paint it directly to his wall - WITH YOUR PARENTS PERMISSION, of course;o)... and buy him a box of chalk or a bucket of sidewalk chalk!! Good luck;o)
teac him how to type he'l have more fun than that and he has unlimited space to write plus u didnt have to spend a penny!
You should get him an easel and paints and have a blast! Also teach him how to type and maybe type a book together and put it in kidsprint!Another suggestion is get aqua doodle and thats alot of fun!
Get him paper and the fat crayons. They have cheap ones at a dollar store. Another thing is sidewalk chalk. YOu could help him make chalk. There are easy recipes online. Go to enchanted learning it is a preschool teacher's dream. That is were i get a lot of my ideas.
You could start him on water paint

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