Can anyone give me ideas on advocacy topics for Child Care?

Question:I am doing a college project and have to choose one advocacy topic to expound and do research on.What are your ideas?

(My textbook offers "licensure for preschool teachers" and "standardized testing" as some ideas, but we're not supposed to use those...)

Here are a few advocacy issues that are relevant today according to NAEYC and other Early Childhood professional organizations. Definitely visit the NAEYC website for more information~

Critical Facts in Early Childhood Education

Accreditation: State Policies Related to Rates, Funding, and Prek

Child Care Workforce and Compensation Initiatives

Early Childhood Literacy

Early Childhood Mathematics

Financing A System of High Quality Early Childhood Education


State Prekindergarten Programs

School Readiness: indicators, standards, and assessments

Preventing Violence

Strengthening Families

Care of Infants
Child Care – Work Related/Work Based
Children and the Mass Media
Children of Asylum Seekers
Cultural Diversity
Gender Equity
Guidelines for Consulting with Children
Inclusion of Children
Information Technology and Children
Integrated Services
Language and Literacy
Physical Environments for Centre-Based Early Childhood Services
Professional Development, Training and Support of Early Childhood Personnel
I am professional writer of 30 years' experience. The worst mistake I see in college papers is that there is no thought put into the impression made on the reader. No matter the topic, such papers come across flat and dull and, excuse the expression, academic (which is hardly a compliment).

There is only one thing that makes any written work appeal to a potential reader: CONFLICT.

Your opening sentence MUST introduce CONFLICT. This excites the reader and carries his or her interest through to the end.

So, ask yourself, what kinds of CONFLICT relate to the subject at hand. Perhaps questioning whether child care done outside the home is having a negative effect on healthy mental and emotional development. There is certainly ample empiracle evidence to support such an argument.

What's most important is that your paper stimulate the reader's faculty to think and consider and reflect.
pro and cons of child care. or this one.
I did a paper on a maternal leave program to help moms stay home, instead of funding child care centers. Mom could use her maternal leave fund to pay for child care or use it to help her stay-at-home. No more day care subsidies! No matter what your income was. I went into how in the USA 75% of infant care is poor quality, and babies would be better at home.
Find a controversial subject that you can call your own 'cry' for change in the child care field. Your paper then will be easy (and enjoyable) to write :) best of luck!
How people view child care providers in terms of it being a profession (which relates to providing benifits and compensation). Most people pay thier gardeners on the hour more than the people who care for thier children 10 hours a day.

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