How much does the average daycare worker make?

Question:I am going to school to be a daycare owner, and right now I am interested in going work in a daycare for expierence. I am just curious on how much a normal daycare worker makes. Also, if anyone has any idea how much a Daycare owner makes that would be awesome as well..

I started at $10 an hour. The secret is to get into a Learning Center (which is just like a daycare, but they do lessons as well). They pay much better. Try KinderCare or LaPetite Academy.
Most workers, even with a degree, don't make much more than $7 or $8 an hour. The owner's income depends on how many kids attend, your prices, and the expense of running the business.
It probably varies by location, but the local day-care employees in North Louisiana generally make about $1 above minimum wage.
Daycare workers probably make a little over minimum wage.. however, the owners HAVE to be bankin.. think about it.. the daycare my son was going to cost $100 a week during the summer and there probably 15 kids in his class alone.. not including babies and the other classes and this one little old lady runs the whole place.. owns the block it sits on.. the house on the corner and the house she lives in.. Plus parents pay extra for infants.. just start out small.. and work your way up so you dont fail.! good luck!!
You have to go to school to be a day care worker? In most places, that's not the case. Typically, you make very little. Minimum wage is what you should expect.
Maybe $1 over min wage.
There are a lot of expenses to opening a daycare center and I don't know about other states but in Ohio you have state licensing rules to follow, so that can be difficult (and costly) to get everything up to standards, but once you get started I think you can make a lot. I just depends on how stingy you are with paying your teachers and buying supplies for the kids. As far as day care workers get paid usually around $7.00 to start but it also depends on how much experience and training you have. And some centers pay more than others. Hope this helps.
Daycare workers typically make just over minimum wage, which is horrible since they have such an important job! While working toward my degrees I nannied and I also had many preschool internships to complete.
I now own my own in home daycare and this year I predict to make about $20,000-$30,000 after taxes and expenses. This is my first year so I have more expenses. Also in home would obviously make less than a daycare center because there are more kids (although there are also workers to pay at a center and much more overhead). It really depends on the cost of living in your area which is turn depends on how much you can charge. In home daycare owners make anywhere from $15,000 - $50,000 and daycare center owners probably make anywhere from $40,000-$70,000 after taxes and expenses. I'm just guessing on that figure though.
Hope that helps!
Where I work in Missouri, I made $6.30 as an assistant teacher. I then moved to a lead teacher and started at $7.20. I worked for a non profit organization. Minimum wage was just increased to $6.50, so now the assistant teacher gets a few cents higher. It is very common for teachers in my city to make minimum wage as teachers. Head start teachers range from $7.84 to $11.96, depending on education.
it depends on the state and the area in whih you have your center. I think the best thing to keep in mind is that the better you pay the employees the longer they will stay working for you, I used to work in LA CA and made 8.00 hour and then moved to OC CA and made 11.00 hour and currently live in Mesa AZ and make 9.00 hour. so it just depends and it would be best to call around to the competitors and ask for a ragne of wages or to a payroll serive would be able to help as well. Most school affer some type of discount on child care so i think that is wise. I would also offer training oppertunities and at your cost of ccourse and if you are not able to pay the employee for the trainign offer a comp day. Good luck.

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