Can anyone tell me the name of this legislation for childcare settings?

Question:Hi, I have to name the legislation that states that you are only allowed to have a certain amount of children per a certain amount of space in a nursery. Does anyone know what you call this legislation? Thanks

Ofsted Daycare Standards:

Standard 2 states:

Staff ratios and deployment (Reference criteria 2.1, 2.2, 2.7 – 2.12)
You should always have sufficient staff working directly with children so that minimum ratios are
maintained at all times.
You may achieve this by:
- employing additional staff to do work such as cleaning and administration;
- carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks when children are not on the premises;
- making the manager or person in charge supernumerary.
- students who are primarily in the building on a short term basis may not be counted in the staffing ratios.

Hope this helps with your work - this regulations apply to the United Kingdom.
Call Your Local Department Of Children's Services They Will Be Able To Help
It depends on where you are. In NY it's not legislation, it's regulations. The ratios come under the heading of Supervision. You'll have to check in your state or country.

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