If you take up cert. for sped (special education), will u still be certified to teach regular pre school?

Depends on your state... most teachers I know in Special Ed. also have certification as Regular Ed. teachers. I would doubt that your certification, though, would cover pre-school. Most certificates are usually K-4, K-6, and even K-9... notice that pre-school isn't certified in those examples. I'd check with your state's State Board of Education to get the real story.
If you are certified to teach pre-school and add a special ed certification it does not remove your original certification.
you need to discover the specifics for the state in which you wish to do this work. requirements differ.

fortunately, the advisors and faculty at the college offering the special education courses probably already know this for their state and perhaps a few of the most popular others.

You can ask, right?

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