Any Primary/Nursery School Teachers Out There?

Question:I have chosen my year 9 options, and have decided [although it might not be permanent] that I would like to work with young children when I am older, specifically as a primary/nursery school teacher.
Are there are primary/nursery school teachers / midwives out there?
What would you say about the job?
Does anybody know any other jobs that base around young children?
[I have been using connexions direct to help]
Thank you. [No silly comments/answers please]

I have worked in day care for 20 years off and on. It is a very demanding job but the rewards are awsume. From the kids anyway.
I do caution you there is not alot of money or benefits in working in some daycares. They have enoumous overhead and the teachers just don't make alot. That is not in all day cares but alot.
Some school districts now offer preschool for children with special needs.
Speech therapy, pediatric nurse/dr, dental tech, camp counselor, therapists, bus aide, there are lots of jobs where you can work with and around children, especially children with special needs.
iam nursery teacher for almost 2 years now. i love it and i have so much fun with them. this is also the big responsible and busy job. if you are christian you can join to be a sunday school teacher first to understand more about being nursery teacher. if you want any other job you can be a privat teacher for elementry above.
I am a primary school teacher, specifically first grade. My advice is to make sure that you love children. The benefits are not always the best and depending on which school system you are in, the facility or budget may be very low. Look for a school system that takes pride in education and puts a good deal of money into their schools. This makes such a big difference.

We can always use good teachers. If that is what you truly want to do, my suggestion is if you like the young children, look into Kindergarten.

It is very rewarding to see the progress a child makes and to know that you are the one that made them go far.

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