Any ideas for a simple Father's Day craft for little kids?

Question:I'm looking for an idea for a craft to make at our playgroup for Father's Day. The kids are between 8 mo. and 3 yrs. so it can't be that elaborate. It also needs to be relatively inexpensive and unique.

OK, this is going to sound corny. Why don't you mix up a batch of plaster of paris and pour it into plastic or styrofoam plates. When it is thick enough to hold a shape, have the kids (probably with your help) place their hands in it. You can "engrave" their names under their hand prints and let them put stickers or glue silk flowers, etc. on it when it has hardened and dried.

Each of we three kids did one of these hand prints when we were little and I kid you not, my Mom still has them all. I'm in my 40s and my little brother is going to be 40 this year. I don't think my Mom would give those little treasures up for a million bucks.
you can make a Father's Day card by buying construction paper and fingerpaint
make up pop up cards. or make diaramas. cut out pictures from old magazines.
streamers red ,white, blue, & cray paper with cut out letters , saying hanging on a string happy fathers day ,or i love you dad , or what ever you want to say, or maybe givine them kool-aid
painted handprints in molds, coffe you have a ceramic company in your town that has pre made ceramic cups plates animals etc, the children paint them and the company fires them, two days later. happy pops day. its pretty inexpensive and very creative
Daddy masks!

You will need the following:

Popsickle Sticks
Paper plates
Markers or crayons

Give each child a paper plate and let them make a face that they think looks like their Daddy. When they have finished glue the "face" onto a popsicle stick and let them show their Dads that they look just alike! I have also done this with string to make the masks.
What a Great Daddy!

You will need:
Crayons or markers

Give each child paper and let them draw pictures of thing they like to do with their Dads. On the front page you write "What a Great Daddy" On the second you list the characteristics of the father (eye color, hair color, how tall,... etc) and let the kids tell you what to write in. Then you staple this all on top of the pictures and it is a book for the Daddy's! The answers you get for the second page are really cute and many times funny! (Last time I did this a girl's daddy was "1-bagillion feets tall"!
How about a hard paper pen holder? Just roll up and tape a piece of paper that is thick and strong. Attached the bottem from the inside of the Tube. Cover a family picture on the wall of the pen holder. It will be a very lovely gift that the dad can bring to work!
Draw a teacup, cut into shape. Stick part of it to another piece of paper as a Father's day card, and put a tea bag behind the cup. A simple father's day card with a real teabag.
You can let children colour/decorate the teacup.
Simple gross motor development

Pls visit
What would be great is: foot & hand prints using washable paint. Also include a picture of themself. Thats what my son's pre-school teacher is doing! They will have a blast!!
my husband says the two best fathers day gifts he received were as follows..

1) a bookmark with a picture of himself drawn by his child (one even included a photo of the child) and was then laminated

2) a placemat there was a picture of his child in the top center of the large piece of construction paper and then the child had drawn a picture of themself and daddy doing something together(the teacher wrote what the child said they were doing of course) and then it was laminated)

good luck these are even easy for very young children to do even if they cannot draw people maybe you can do a hand or foot print or other kind of drawing or painting to substitute.remember a parent always loves it better if there is a picture of the child and something the child made on it
I found this for Mother's day, . You could do the same for Father's day and the dad can even keep this booklet in his wallet!
Take a picture of the child and then put it in a folded card made of construction paper. On one side put the picture and on another an ink print of their hand. You could also find a quote online that relates to fathers.
I've had my preschoolers decorate mini clay pots to look like their dad. Then fill it with dirt and put grass seed on top to grow the hair!

You can also use styrofoam cups instead of the pots.just cut some construction paper to fit the cup and have the kids decorate it before attaching it to the cup.
I have taught preschool for 6 years and I always use this website for everything! You should really check it out. Even if some of the things seem too hard for 2's- just bring it down a bit.

I always take a picture of the kids holding up a sign that says "i love you daddy" and then develop the pix and make a frame that the kids can paint, decorate, etc. Good Luck.

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